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Brisk Paces

IMG_5649The other day I got to get out on the tour bus again and be whisked around the next 7 temples on the pilgrimage. It is a bit of a busy pace, and I lament that the group is pretty gung-ho to move through the temples quickly. I do my best to capture what I can with my cameras, and to gather the information I can. It is like assembling a massive jigsaw puzzle, and I think that when I get it done it will be the sum total of only what I, as a single solitary observer, has experienced.

But perhaps that is okay in itself. That is all we truly have, our own particular experiences, and perhaps knowing that from the outset has some value, keeps us humble, and makes us closer to our fellow human.

This week has also been very good to have some more people on our Ohenro Ambassadors page. There is really some awesome stuff there for you to check out!:

A great karate teacher told me that perfecting something is like carving a cube into a sphere. Each time you learn something you can cut or shave or polish a corner or edge. Little by little the sphere take shape. I believe that this is what we are doing with our collective voices and experiences. Together we are making the cube into a sphere.

I also met another foreign ohenro on the road. His name is Manfred Attner and he is here from Germany. I met him way out in Kochi-ken and he is traveling by foot, without Japanese language skills, and by himself. I thought that was just marvelous. We had a very all-too-quick meeting, exchanged contact information and promised to meet when he comes up through Kagawa. I hope he gives me a ring. Will keep you all posted if he shows up! In the meantime, come on Manfred! You can do it! Ganbatte kudasai!! (You can do it! Fight!)

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