After finding the Mad Henro! video, which is still so charming and fun, I found another made by the same producer, “Tokushima-ken CHANNEL”. This is also very fun. I think that the producers have a great sense of humour, and have a passion and sense of “mission” to promote the Ohenro experience. I love it.

The feeling of rushing from one place to another is a common unhappiness with many pilgrims on the trail. Our pressurized lives force us to hurry up our respective enlightenments so that we can hurry back to our pressurized lives from which we felt a need to seek spiritual calm in the first place. That is the very definition of a “vicious circle”.

While it may not be practical to take all the time we would like to enjoy each and every element of the pilgrimage, sometimes it is a good idea to just stop, breathe, and take in the moment.

Great video here. Check it out.