I love digging around in Youtube and online to find cool things that are related to the Ohenro (pilgrimage) experience here in Shikoku. There are many unseen, and unvisited sites and videos out there. Some real gems can be found. I like this video. I thought is was so organic and natural. No preaching. No big explanation about the “deeper meanings” of things, and what you should do and say, and who you should try to be. Just clean, pleasant, “in the moment”, and simply beautiful.

Produced by the Ehime International Tourism Support NPO, and designed by “Takeshi F”, this video transports the viewer into the pilgrim’s experience. You are just hanging out with these three out-of-town pilgrims and just walking the trail. What could be better? The music is very soothing, and the visual images of the forests, the fallen leaves, the reading of the Heart Sutra, make it a very tangible experience.

Thank you Takeshi! You made a beautiful thing here.