Good morning weary pilgrims!

Last night we finally got the green light to launch “Shikoku Pilgrimage: Your Spiritual Journey in Deep Japan”. It has been a long time in the planning and discussion.

Several months ago, Kazuyo and I were invited to join and work with the 114 Bank Economic Advisory Board to discuss Inbound Tourism for Shikoku. There are a lot of interested people in Inbound Tourism, and with a shrinking and aging population in Japan, as well as the natural pull of young people moving to Tokyo and Osaka rather than staying close to home, there are some very concerned people. Shikoku locals wonder what will happen ten years from now? Who will be here in twenty years? How will this region continue to flourish, and what about the cultural and social experiences that can be had here? Will they disappear?

These are very serious concerns, and from our view, especially as a couple who have both local and outside perspectives, we really feel that we should do what we can to let the rest of the world know what an incredible and hidden jewel Shikoku is, and the vast amount of incredible experiences in nature, in spirituality, and in people that can be had here.

The Shikoku Pilgrimage is Japans best-worst kept secret. Everyone knows it is incredible. That is, if you have been to Shikoku and have visited some of the temples on the route. But for the rest of the world, “Shikoku” is a kind of dog breed…. that is very disappointing.

So for our small part we are doing what we can to promote and develop a “concierge” service on Facebook for people who are interested in learning about the Shikoku pilgrimage, who are on the pilgrimage, and who need information to make their experience smoother.

I would like to most cordially  invite you to take a look at our group and if you would like to join to read the conversations, or better yet, to join in, that would be tremendous.

Here is the link!

Come on in!