This is great.

Shinichirou Tanaka is the real thing. A young fully bilingual Japanese man with huge life experience overseas he brings to us his take to the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Not only does he experience and explore Shikoku, but he also makes a very cool and dramatic record of his pilgrimage. I thought that was astonishing. Make sure to check out the moving maps on his Instagram page!

I am so deeply encouraged for the next generation, and am grateful to see Tanaka-san on the “Ohenro scene”. We are truly entering the digital age here on the Ohenro trail.

He has a great bio written about him at . So for Tanaka-san, this experience is not just about HIM and his own experiences. It is about doing things for others too. Of course, the pilgrimage is a great way to explore and understand yourself. But Tanaka-san takes it beyond to where the sentiments of the Heart Sutra make sense: the abdication of pride and selfish desire for spotlight, and putting others before self. We could use much more of that in the world.

Tanaka-san, you are a remarkable man. Thanks so much for letting me share part of your story here. It was great chatting with you and I am very much looking forward to a meet-up when you come through next! Keep us posted on your adventures, please.

Here is picture of Tanaka Shinichirou with his grandmother who lives here in Shikoku.


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