It’s been a great day today. Lonely Planet, the very Bible of Tourism and Travel, has selected Shikoku as number 6 on its top 10 places for Best in Travel: Region. With 2,500 candidates to choose from we are delighted and amazed to see Shikoku on the list. This is truly excellent news!

I did a brief write up of the news on my other site, “Come To Shikoku” and you are welcome to check it out here:

At this time we are also working out details working with a major travel company here in Japan to help people from around the world seamlessly visit Shikoku with a minimum of stress and trouble. The contracts are being worked on as I type these words. We expect everything to come into clearer focus within the next few weeks. And when that happens we will set up links and instructions how you can make it here to this unbelievable place.

Also, check out this great link from Shikoku Tourism. This should give you some inspiration!