Aunindita Bhatia writes a very nice article about Kochi prefecture. It is true that there is much to do besides the Shikoku Pilgrimage, and this article shows you a few things that really deserve some time to explore and enjoy.

Too many pilgrims come through in a hurry, pushing themselves down the road to get from one temple to the next. It is kind of a shame when your entire Shikoku experience is pushing yourself down a road watching only the path in front of your eyes and failing to take a moment here and there to look up and around. Be mindful not to get “tunnel vision” on the path, and to be more mindful to be in the present moment.

When the paths open up again and the airports run smoothly we all really need to take some time to re-set and re-evaluate a lot of things. Rushing down a road in a frantic state of busy-ness is surely not the Shikoku cure needed.