We are very glad to announce that from this autumn onwards we are able to assist non-Japanese pilgrims come to Japan and to experience the Shikoku Pilgrimage. Partnered with extremely talented Japan travel designers in Kyoto, as well as a couple powerhouse travel agencies in Tokyo, we have created a collaboration of professionals to provide smooth running and simply sublime Deep Japan experiences.

Not only are we able to arrange for all you need for your Shikoku Pilgrimage, but we are also able to arrange for experiences in other places in Japan you may want to visit. Our group has incredible, virtually, impossible-to-access experiences for clients in both Tokyo and Kyoto, but we also have some beautiful itineraries for Ishikawa prefecture and the Hokkuriku region, Okinawa sea adventures, and also access to some very special Kumano Pilgrimage experiences as well.

Contact us to discuss your plans, how long you can journey in Japan, and what you need to make it all come true.

At this time there are restrictions for independent non-guided visitors to Japan, but as our programs are highly involved with instruction, guidance, and support at each stage, this is not an issue for us. Contact us here, or contact us at pathwaytojapan@gmail.com and we can start to sculpt with you the adventure of a lifetime in Deep Japan.