Ohenro Girl: Cycling through Shikoku!

This production is a very nice little melodrama of a group of young people who discover themselves and learn more about relationships. The acting is very much on par for a lot of daytime drama type shows in Japan. Not Academy Award performances perhaps, but it’s nice just the same.


The entire show has subtitles so click them on and follow along.

atsushi ASH: GREAT Youtube Ohenro

This is really Shikoku Pilgrimage Youtube gold for walking pilgrims in Shikoku. The creator, atsushi ASH, did an amazing job in documenting his 42 day trek around Shikoku. His documentary starts from Kanto and then comes to “The Pure Land”. The entire thing is in Japanese, but just switch on the English subtitles and enjoy the journey.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

If you would like to follow Atsushi-san on his adventures please also check out his blog of his cycling journeys in Japan too! http://nippon-around.blog.jp/



Party on Paul! Rocking the Ohenro

I must confess, sometimes I am not so reverent. I like this more than just a little.


Indeed there are some that approach each thing on the Ohenro Trail in trepidation and much quaking. But Paul Kumisaki might have a different idea. We all walk in our own way, I suppose. You can walk the path as you like, but sometimes you just gotta fight for your right to be a pilgrim.

Rock on Paul.

Luff Wanderman

“Luff Wanderman”, whose name may actually be “Luff Wanderman” made a couple of videos about the first bunch of temples on the Shikoku Pilgrimage. I want to share them with you here as I think that they are interesting, and gives the viewer a sense of what it is like to start off on this journey. The first group of temples are relatively close together, so it is an EXCELLENT way to do some of the pilgrimage to get a feeling for it. And then, if you like, you can take more time and go further and further down the trail.

And then the next group of temples:

Gareth Leonard in Shikoku!

A rather substantial and influential Youtube creator, Gareth Leonard, comes to Shikoku. At the behest of the Shikoku Tourism Board, Gareth puts together a series of pretty impressive videos to promote and show off the splendours of Shikoku.

I love the open-mindedness of Gareth, the desire and enthusiasm to learn and explore, and the pure enjoyment of the moment. I loved very much that he stated from the beginning of his videos that although he had greatly enjoyed the Tokyo-Osaka-Kyoto experience of his first time in Japan, there was some “unfinished business”. That would be Shikoku!

Check out the above video, and the other two that make up Gareth’s Shikoku adventure.


Truly Excellent Pilgrimage Video for Youtube

You must check this out. The video quality is simply stunning. Youtube creator, Evaldas Karalius, makes this marvellous video (called the “short version”) of his astonishing trek through the temples of the Shikoku Pilgrimage.

The music is so appropriate and calm throughout. The video is very natural and very much what you would see and do yourself when you come to Shikoku.

Evaldas captures some incredible moments with other pilgrims on the path, and some of the sounds and visuals are so impressive. I think that this is one of the absolute best videos I have see on the pilgrimage.

Not telling you what to do. Not giving you a lecture. Just showing. Just looking. Just being in the moment.

I’m deeply impressed.


Dym Sensei and Youtube

I would like to introduce to you one of the most prolific Youtube Ohenro I have ever seen. This is Dym Sensei, and his channel is a wealth of all sorts of information regarding Japanese legend, folklore, and Noh theatre. I am just beginning to scratch the surface of his site, but it is DEEP. He is a professor of Japanese history at Sacramento State University, and a tremendous resource of information. Watching a ton of his Ohenro videos I am seeing how he is also a very good and patient teacher. It comes through his commentary and is quite enjoyable to watch.

Check out the channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dymsensei/featured

His Ohenro Channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dymsensei/featured

TV Asahi reports on foreign pilgrims in Japan

This report is a couple of years old, but still very relevant. There are more and more people from overseas who are discovering the Shikoku Pilgrimage. There is so much that is attractive and unique about the experience. Check out this video to see a little of what it is like to walk the path of Kukai:

Did you notice the incredible calm that these foreign visitors have? The safe environment, the kindness and humanity of people around them, and the time and space to explore and enjoy the day walking from temple to temple is simply beyond riches. Wonderful. Thanks to TV Asahi for putting this together!!

Sacred Journeys with the BBC

A few years back, the PBS made a great video about the Shikoku Pilgrimage. It is very nicely put together and very much worth watching right through to the end. Brilliantly narrated and explained the video does a tremendous job of giving you enough information, and certainly enough inspiration, to get out on the road and see where it takes you. David Moreton, featured elsewhere in this blog, accompanies the group as guide, expert, and support throughout. Check this out: