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Ohenro Guidebook

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There are a number of items that you will see Ohenro wearing and using. This page will take some time to go through each item and give some explanation. Please keep in mind that this is not an “authoritative guide”. There may be disagreement or differences of opinion. I respect them all. This page may be edited and change as I go along, so please bear with me.

Hakui (sleeves) Oizuru (no sleeves)


Juzu/Nenju 108 beads


Fudabasami (white bag)


Kongoutue (stick)


Kyouhon (sutras)


Noukyouchou (stamp book)


Ofuda (name slips)


Osaisen (offering money)


Rousoku (candles)


Senkou (incense) … don’t light from the candles (that is someone’s soul)


Sugegasa (hat)


Wagesa (collar) purple usually worn during prayers




Dougyou Ninin


Heart Sutra

Typical Temple Procedures: How to visit the temple “properly”.

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