Still hanging in there..

Hello and warm, actually very hot, greetings from Takamatsu!

The summer is well upon us, and we have had several days in the 40 degree celsius zone. We would all like to immediately blame the current White House administration of America for all the global warming, but pesky science teaches that this has been an ongoing problem for some time. Let’s hope, and plan, for better days ahead. No one wants their kids and grandchildren living in a world that has the surface temperature of the sun.

John with Mark.
Mark with John.

But I digress… yet again. And why not? This is a blog. This is a site on which I am free to ponder, or drool, in any and all directions in which I choose. Nevertheless, I shall try to update this blog, and our kind visitors on what is going on.

As usual, our company is quite busy and we had a very nice summer school program with the kids. I always like it, as it breaks the regular routine and lets us communicate and get to know each other better. It is astonishing to see how they grow and develop!

The ohenro are still on the roads and paths all over Shikoku, but summer is excruciatingly hot and unforgiving. As such, the numbers are fewer but autumn is prime time for pilgrimage so it will be great to see more people travel in white, staff in hand, putting the miles in as they go.

Our little company has also made some inroads with local government and we are approved to submit projects for promoting the prefecture. We have a format in mind and I think it would be great to have a chance to do what we can to make the pilgrimage better known, and do what we can for making it more accessible.

In other news, my book, that has been in development for over ten years is getting closer to completion. I think it should be ready to go by 2019. It is entitled, “Escape from Calvinism: Why You Need To Get Yourself Free”. It is autobiographical, highly critical, and is somewhat stream of consciousness. So, if you are reading these lines it is much like the style and tone of this page. But with curse words for flavouring. Sorry about that.

Life is good. I celebrated a birthday recently and am now at the ripe age of 49. Astonishing. But I feel healthy, lucky, and in the head-space I need to be. Now each day is approached, as best I can, with a sense of how I can serve others. My kids, my wife, my company, our team of teachers, the kids in our classrooms, the parents that bring them, my neighbours, my fellow Takamatsu-city dwellers, and people I meet wherever I go…

Maybe it is easy to hang on to things that hurt us in the past. We should do what we can to put that stuff in its place, seek chances to right wrongs, and be of service to lead and model better ways to live. I know I have made mistakes along the way, but I would like to focus on the lesson learned rather than the scars that resulted. At 49, with a reckless past, that is inevitable. I ask for forgiveness where I can, and leave the nonsense that tries to drag me back where I cannot. So much is different than what we imagine it should’ve been. But, no regrets…

Hope you feel similar fellow pilgrims. Travel safe and well.