Your Pilgrimage in Japan

Discover Yourself in Deep Japan

Pilgrimage: One Week Adventure

For travelers who are highly motivated to see more of the Shikoku Pilgrimage we offer a course that runs for seven days. This is flexible of course, so we can easily modify in adding or subtracting a day or two where needed.

In this course we visit several temples at the beginning of the route, and also take time to travel to some of the more extraordinary and visually stimulating locations as well. Some are historical, some attach to legend and folklore, and some are nestled in incredible natural surroundings that inspire awe.

Along the route, we take time to investigate local culture and cuisine, meet interesting people as well, and take time to have ancillary experiences meant to delight and inspire. We will typically be in “Ohenro Pilgrim” mode during the mornings, and then take time in the afternoons for regional exploration and discovery.

Contact us to arrange for course design and accommodations.

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