Your Pilgrimage in Japan

Discover Yourself in Deep Japan

Pilgrimage: One Week and Beyond

With pilgrims who are very much dedicated to take more time to explore as deeply as possible the Shikoku Pilgrimage, and to travel to all four prefectures of the island region, we have courses that will meet those needs. For those who are determined to complete all 88 temples we are able to accommodate them and prepare the entire route. Considerable planning is needed with extensive consultation.

Some pilgrims will tackle the pilgrimages in parts, four prefectures in four excursions, sometimes over the course of four years.

Our approach to pilgrimage is that it is not a race against time. We feel that visitors who dash from one temple to the next, with little effort or interest in the culture, history, rich folklore and traditions, of the pilgrimage, miss out on the essence of what the experience ought to be.

Thoughtful, practical, and carefully created itineraries that maximize exposure and experience in this rich tapestry of Japanese history and deep spiritual landscape needs time, and we encourage our guests to make the most and the best of each day.

Contact us to get your program designed and all elements and accommodations arranged.

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