Your Pilgrimage in Japan

Discover Yourself in Deep Japan

Your Itinerary

While we are able to arrange for a “Pilgrimage Only” portion of your Japan experience, our best results are with guests who entrust us with their complete Japan Travel Plan.

Here is how we work:

Arrival: Tokyo. Land of Neon and Concrete

Tokyo: The sleepless city. Organized mayhem. Meeting you at the airport we escort you and your party to your first accommodations. The first day is very relaxed, as energy levels differ from client to client. Typically we settle in at the hotel, have a brief orientation of the schedule ahead, and plan for an optional evening outing.

Tokyo is the mega-city capital of the nation. Spending 2-3 days in the big city, we escort out guests through a series of contrasting, yet complementary urban experiences. Downtown Shinjuku, elegant Ginza, and the corners of the city where everyday Tokyo-ites dine, play, and seek inspiration.

Following our time in Tokyo we head west via bullet train to the ancient capital of KYOTO. Two or three days in the ancient city of temples, on the streets of Gion, and taking in the long treasured, and at times, vanishing, traditions of Japan. Consult with us as to the level in which you hope to experience the artistic expressions of Kyoto.

Kyoto: Cultural Capital of Culture and the Ancient Court

Discuss with us the incredible, and incomparable, range of deep traditional experiences that are accessible through our travel design partners. Places such as unique access to UNESCO World Heritage Site locations, top-ranking sushi and geisha hospitality, traditional and modern art galleries and collections are on the menu. Pending availability and season.

After an explosive and overwhelming series of experiences in the major capitals of Japan, we take a final step into the Undiscovered Japan. The Pure Land. The Shikoku Pilgrimage of 88 Sacred Sites. This is where you might have some time and space to explore the roots of Japanese thought, aesthetics, spirituality, and tradition. It may also provide you with time and space for self-reflection, healing, and the cultivation of a deeper feeling of awareness.

Shikoku: the Undiscovered Country

Many of our guests come to Japan for 7-10 days. That is a great first experience in Japan and we do our very best to make every day, every encounter, something that is meaningful, enjoyable, interesting, and insightful. Our work is to be at your side, prepare all the navigation and stops on the way. Your experience is meant to flow from one place to the next, seamless, exact, and perfect.

Contact us through the sister site to this one at: . There you will find much more detail about how we structure your Japan adventure from start to finish. We are very much looking forward to meeting you at the Narita Airport in Tokyo and seeing you along on your journey here to Deep Japan!

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