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In 2019 I managed to publish a book on the Shikoku Pilgrimage experience. The title of this page is “THE BOOK”, but actually it is “A BOOK”. There are a bunch of other books available through on-line bookstores about the Shikoku Pilgrimage and I encourage you to read all of them.

Your Pilgrimage in Japan: A Regular Canadian on the 88 Buddhist Temple Pilgrimage of Shikoku” is not to be read as “THE expert” text on the subject. Quite the contrary. I’m just a regular Canadian guy learning as I go. Nor is it supposed to be a “wacky expat in Japan has wild and crazy experiences on the holy venerated culturally precious excursion of the Japanese soul” kind of book. That too, is really not my style. I never thought that living a life overseas is just a series of punchlines.

What I hope the book does for newcomers to this part of Japan, and to hikers, travelers, and pilgrims on the Shikoku Pilgrimage is to inspire, inform, and encourage all of us to learn more about this ancient, mysterious, and deeply linked historical and cultural artifact of Deep Japan. As I traveled around Shikoku, and still do on weekends as much as I can, I continue to marvel, rediscover, and uncover more and more things that add context and tone, layering my own personal experiences here as a permanent resident expat Canadian.

What you will find in the book is also mostly what you can find on this website for each of the temples. I add and edit where I can, but I want this information to be easily available for people who are intrigued by this pilgrimage, and who can see themselves walking the miles themselves in the days to come.

Anyway, the book is available on Amazon. It is also in the Kindle format as well.

If you buy the book you have my undying thanks.  The Shikoku Pilgrimage, and your experience on it, will be something you treasure forever. There is a lot to see and explore.

Happy trails!

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