Temple 38: Kongoufukuji

This temple, Kongoufukuji, is the “Temple of Everlasting Joy”. Here you will find a splendid fusion of ancient and modern, and the grounds are very well kept. The temple is absolutely stunning, and statues abound throughout the area.

This temple is located at the very tip of the the Cape of Ashizuri. This temple overlooks the sea. Nearby you can also enjoy the Ashizuri National Park, a nearby lighthouse, and the statue of John Manjirou, who was the first Japanese immigrant to the United states in the 19th century. The story of John Manjirou as a pioneer able to bridge the cultures between Japan and America is quite interesting, and if you are keen I recommend you researching this further.

But as far as this temple is concerned, Kongoufukuji is truly a spectacular place to come and visit. I was particularly interested in the ornate statues around the temple, and the small carvings found throughout the landscape. Marvelous!