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We love promoting Shikoku, and we love helping visitors discover and explore it too.

I came to Shikoku in 2007, and this is where my wife, Kazuyo, and I have raised our kids and grew our company. We are deeply indebted to, and thus connected to, the people who live here in Shikoku. Our work in media promotion and tourism consultation come from our affections and commitment to helping local businesses grow and supporting new friends who come to see Shikoku for the first time themselves.

As a couple, Kazuyo and I have had many years working with major companies, government offices, and large institutions in education and commerce. We are proud professionals in Inbound Tourism Consulting, and know how to help you make the most of your Shikoku Adventure.

We have worked closely with Lonely Planet, National Geographic, 114 Bank Economic Council, Shikoku 88 Sacred Sites Pilgrimage Reijokai, and Shikoku Tourism, which is the government agency for tourism and inbound promotion for the region. No one is more connected to your Shikoku experience than us.

In order to help you realize the best Shikoku Tourism experience you can have, we work with Tobu Top Tours.

Tobu Top Tours is an elite travel agency that has been in business for over 65 years. They have the deep connections to difficult to reach places that make our partnership with them the best combination for helping you have the unique and tailor-scripted Deep Japan experience that you expect.

We have collaborated in designing a number of tours that may meet your needs.

Let us know which of the following seem interesting to you. Modifications are naturally possible. Number of days can be added or subtracted. Meals for vegetarians and vegan guests can be prepared for. Travel by private vehicle, be it for a couple to a dozen, is also readily available. Guest pick up from main international airports in Tokyo or Osaka is easily done. We can also meet you at any of the airports in Shikoku (Tokushima, Kochi, Ehime, Kagawa). Considerations and transport for those with mobility issues is also something that we can manage.

So, are you interested in:

Pilgrimage Tour: Start your journey on the Shikoku Pilgrimage at Ryozenji Temple in Tokushima. We help get you acclimated to the pilgrims path, give you the basics of the path ahead, set you up with the vestments and tools you may need on the journey, and support you at each point along the path. Whether you wish to be a pilgrim for a day, a week, a month, or see the journey from start to finish we are able to provide you with complete detailed maps, temple information, schedule, accommodation, and support along the way. Let us know how many days you have, what your ideas are, and we will help design the schedule for you along the way.

Art Tour: The Seto Inland Sea is famous for its Setouchi Art Triennial. It is a massive modern art phenomena that comes every three years and covers Takamatsu city, Naoshima, Shodoshima, Megijima, Ogijima, and several other places in the region as well. Even if you come on a year when the Triennial is not happening, scores of permanent art displays and museums are still open and accessible. Let us help you design a modern art experience unlike any other in a place where the modern and ancient are fused in unique and fascinating ways.

Food and Sake Tour: Shikoku is home to some of the most unique flavors and dining experiences. Kagawa, recently featured in Lonely Planet as the global destination for udon is a great choice. For other unique experiences to explore, we suggest looking into the places where yuzu fruit have grown for centuries, resulting in the finest yuzu citrus orchards in the world. Shodoshima is famous for its incredible olives, and this is one place where the unique wagyu beef is cultivated with olive plants. The resulting dining experience is beyond description. The surround sea and Pacific ocean yield incredible fish like sea bream, skipjack tuna, oysters, and abalone. Mikan orchards are tended to on mountainsides in Ehime. And sake? Prepare yourself for a sake safari of which there is no comparison. While there is a spiritual path of 88 temples to walk and explore, there is another pilgrimage one may explore as well, and visitors are warmly welcome to learn of the different kinds of sake that are paired with all sorts of different foods, both Japanese and European.

Something that combines all of the above?

Contact us at: . Through Tobu Top Tours we tailor-make your experience to Japan and to Shikoku. Expect a response to your query within 48 hours.

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