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Maybe it has been your dream to travel to Japan for a long time. It has been our mission as a company to help people like you experience that dream in a meaningful, enjoyable, and enriching way. A Deep Japan Adventure starts with an idea, but also without a lot of information or know-how, about Japan.

How do I get there? How do I get around? I don’t speak Japanese so I don’t know how to start, or where to stay, or to tell anyone about my particular situation. What do I do?

Our work is to communicate with you and to help set up your pilgrimage in Japan. We are a team of professionals in language, art, history, architecture, culture, hospitality, and travel. We collaborate with the largest travel agencies in all of Japan who arrange and guarantee accommodations and excursions. We partner with deeply intelligent and artistic designers who craft unbelievable once-in-a-life-time journeys. Be assured that your incredible dream-experience to come is our mission to make real.

What is the Shikoku Pilgrimage?

The Shikoku Pilgrimage is a circular path, like a zen ring that encircles all of the Shikoku region which is located in the south-western part of the country. It is considered a sacred path that celebrates the travel of a priest named, “Kukai”. If you choose to walk all 1,200 kilometers it will take between six to eight weeks of hard hiking.

The route itself is from the 12th Century and was developed more and more for a few hundred years. Today, the route is one of 88 temples linked together. Typically starting at Number 01: Ryozenji, a temple in Tokushima, pilgrims move in a clock-wise manner. But in truth, pilgrims can travel the route in any direction, any order, and walk, cycle, take the bus, ride in a taxi or train, or combine any and all means of moving around the circle.

Why Do People Become Pilgrims?

To be a Shikoku pilgrim, called “Ohenro”, for a day, a week, or forever, is a personal choice. Some walk for the adventure of it. Some walk to experience culture and tradition. Some walk in remembrance of a lost loved one. Some walk to gain personal healing or insight. Some need a break from the world, need some space, and wish to take the walk of a lifetime to clear their mind and refocus their life.

No doubt, you will have your own reasons to experience the Shikoku Pilgrimage. The route is one that many people try, experience, and re-visit many times to come.

Who are the Characters on the Shikoku Pilgrimage?

There are many. First and foremost is the high priest, Kukai. You will hear his name also as “Kobo-Daishi”, which is his posthumous Buddhist name. Each temple grounds of the 88 will have one “Daishi” temple dedicated to him. Each temple also has a “Main” temple dedicated to various Buddhist deities.

On the route you may encounter, “Shaka Nyorai”, the “Historical Buddha”. You may meet, “Amida Nyorai”, the Buddha of “Infinite Light” and the Buddha of “Pure Land Buddhism”. You will meet others, like “Dainichi Nyorai” – Buddha of the Void, “Jizou Bosatsu” – Buddha of Lost Children, “Yakushi Nyorai” – Buddha of Healing and Medicine, “Kannon” – The Goddess of Mercy, and “Fudou Myou” – the Buddha of Wrath.

There are more, and inside of many temples we learn of legend and folklore, historical events, natural and supernatural phenomenon, all of which is linked to Japanese deep culture, history and heritage. This really is the Deep Japan Adventure.

When Should I Go on My Pilgrimage?

Shikoku is a beautiful part of the world. Winters are very mild, but summer can be hard. Spring and Fall are surely the best seasons to come, where either cherry blossoms or autumn splendor will provide the frame for your journey.

Ok, I’m Ready. How do I do it?

Contact us via email at or use the Contact Form. We have a brief Onboarding Process to work through with you and then we can start making plans for your journey of a lifetime.

We have a range of clients that we work with: travel agencies from around the world, associations and groups, and individual or small groups. Let us know if you would like to try the pilgrimage for a day or two, several days, a couple of weeks, or the entire route. Our resources can bring you to where you want to go.

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